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Automotive Aftermarket

Being one of the leading manufacturers in the automotive refinishing sector, Norton is committed to the manufacturing and distribution of a wide range of non-paint products for the professional body shop. The combination of high quality products, deep experience and knowledge of professional sanding systems - from paint removal to surface reconditioning and polishing - allows us to meet virtually all of your demands.

It is our focus to provide optimal abrasive solutions to meet the body-shop technician needs:

  • Through innovation and development
  • By developing complete application and process solutions for a constantly evolving automotive refinishing market
  • By supplying the highest quality standards
  • By commitment to SAFETY: MAN and ENVIRONMENT first

Our core ranges, Norton Pro and the Multi-Air Process are good examples of both our high-tech manufacturing technology and our innovative ideas on processes. Not to be forgotten are our products for metal working, such as the Norton Industrial Line or 123 cut-off wheels, or Blue Fire sanding paper which all show the continuous improvement coming from our long industrial experience. In addition to this, our product ranges include various sanding accessories and complementary products. All together, assess that we have the most complete and innovative offering the automotive repair.

Products categories:

  •  Metal Working

  •  Manual sanding

  •  Machine sanding

  •  Finishing

  •  Microfinishing

  •  Masking and wiping products

The additional information:

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