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Rotolo Foam pre-cut sheets, conveniently packaged in a roll form, are ideal for fine sanding on round edges, contours and curves, providing an outstanding finish on primers and top coats. The secret of Rotolo Foam lies in the combination of Norton Pro A275 sanding paper and the special foam backing. With Norton Rotolo Foam, you achieve a superior finish in the fine grits, also with hand sanding!

Most BearTex products consist of a non-woven web of nylon, impregnated with abrasive grain that is bonded with synthetic resins. This produces a cushioned, three-dimensional material that is extremely pliable and long lasting. The uniform dispersion of abrasive throughout the web provides a constant finish during use.
BearTex products are available in popular shapes and a wide
variety of grits and densities.

Widely used before in the paint sanding operations, a complete range of waterproof paper sheets is available using the highest technology in paper, resin and abrasive manufacturing.

The finishing action of sponges generates a finer finish than when using conventional coated abrasive products.

Available in different grit sizes and with various abrasives, Norton abrasive sponges are long lasting in use.

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