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Saint-Gobain Abrasives
invest time and resources to understand and fulfill the evolving needs of our customers. This is reflected in its world-wide status as market leader. With a strong presence in every continent, the Abrasive division serves its customers through organizational units in 28 countries and employs nearly 16,000 people. It is the only international manufacturer to produce each of the three major types of abrasives: bonded abrasives (resinoid and vitrified), coated abrasives and superabrasives (diamond) products. The Abrasives business is committed to expanding technology and developing complete and innovative product lines, with an irrefutable reputation for quality and safety.

To aid product selection all abrasive tools have been classified into four main areas.

They are:

1. Industrial products
2. Machines and diamond tools for cutting and drilling applications
3. Automotive Aftermarket
4. Retail assortment

Products categories:

  •  Industrial products

  •  Machines and diamond tools for cutting and drilling applications

  •  Automotivie Aftermarket

  •  Retail assortment

The additional information:

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