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Retail Assortment

Introducing Saint-Gobain Abrasives range of products for all retail and merchandising environments.

This completely new, exciting and professional product range consists of a comprehensive selection of coated abrasives, cutting-off and grinding wheels, diamond blades, bonded abrasives and accessories - supported by a very thorough and dynamic marketing program.

Saint-Gobain Abrasives merchandising program has been created with the objective to improve your abrasive category revenue - helping you to sell more abrasives'. The starting point is to provide a dynamic merchandising environment, focusing consumer attention and stimulating action.

We can help to achieve through:

  • Impact at point of purchase
  • Clear product hierarchy - encouraging trade-up'
  • Ease of product selection
  • Simple, uncluttered, attractive and informative design

We have also devised a simple, effective merchandising system based upon product use and value to the customer:

Easy to display merchandising product packs
Smaller Pre-pack quantities
Larger Bulk pack quantities
Shelf Ready Packaging (bulk packs in self display boxes)

High Impact, informative and easy to use POP graphic panels

Products categories:

  •  Cut-off and grinding wheels

  •  Bonded abrasives

  •  Coated abrasives

  •  Diamond blades

  •  Accessories

The additional information:

For additional information and catalogues, please don't hesitate to contact our manager. Send request

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