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Saint-Gobain Abrasives takes time to understand and fulfil its evolving customer needs which is reflected in its worldwide market leader status. Its mission is to deliver a portfolio of highly recognised brands, each with unique value, fulfilling the complete spectrum of customer needs.

For over 110 years, the Norton brand has been dedicated to provide innovative abrasive products and solutions to our customers. Whether you are sanding furniture, finishing a turbine blade or slicing a semiconductor component, if you are using abrasives, we have the product and the knowhow. Today, Norton manufactures and distributes the widest range of abrasives and related products to many different markets. As the premium brand within the portfolio of brands of Saint-Gobain Abrasives, Norton supports major markets including metal working, automotive manufacturing, automotive aftermarket, aerospace, wood working, bearing, foundries, DIY, housing & construction, and paint & decoration market. Norton is the world leading supplier of bonded abrasives, with more than 250,000 types and sizes, both stock and custom-designed products for specific applications. We are also a leading manufacturer of coated abrasive products, offering more than 38,000 types of coated products with a variety of abrasive grains and backings. With over 50 years of industry leadership in diamond and CBN experience, we can meet customers' needs for part tolerance, higher quality finishes and greater productivity.

The company set up in Luxembourg in 1963. In 1982, Norton Clipper revolutionized the market with the first ever laser-welded Diamond Blade. This method of attaching segments is truly superior to conventional brazing. Indeed, the bond which is created between the segments and the steel is actually stronger than the segment or the steel. This kind of blades allows also dry-cutting: the segments are welded to the steel and cannot separate from it, even if the blade is not water-cooled. The introduction of the laser-welded blades brought more safety and more versatility on the job. During the last 25 years, thanks to the new technology pioneered by its R&D department , Norton Clipper has been producing new types of blades that cut faster and longer, provide lower material costs and are safer.

Founded in the Netherlands, Flexovit began manufacturing cutting-off and grinding wheels in 1958. By 1960, Flexovit had carved out its ambition to become a global player and began exporting products across Europe, This international development continued throughout the 1960's and 70's fuelled by the introduction of automated production presses ensuring continued manufacture of high performance quality wheels. With an excellent brand reputation Flexovit began adding to its product portfolio with coated abrasives, bonded abrasives and construction products. Today Flexovit provides a very complete collection of high performance and high value abrasives, commanding an excellent market image which spans the globe. Dedicated to sanding, cutting, grinding and polishing, this Flexovit product range has been developed as a direct result of listening, understanding and responding to both market and customer requirements.
With this very complete multi-tiered product line which offers affordable, professional quality supported by a dynamic marketing program, we will help to better educate our users, to use proven industrial and new innovative abrasive products to improve their quality of finish, ease of use and speed of task.

The Bay State brand produces grinding wheels for industrial machine tool sector. These wheels provide high productivity performance of the grinding and needed quality of surfaces. Moreover, the most useful qualities of the wheels are - durability and the price, which are very important economic components for every manufacture.
Bay State produces grinding wheels for the following operations:
  • Circular grinding
  • Flat grinding
  • Rolling mill cylinders grinding
  • Inside grinding
  • Grinding and sharpening of the tools
  • Flute grinding
  • Thread grinding
Bay State produces organic and ceramic bond wheels and the segments for precision grinding in different branches of industry: bearing producing, engine components, tools, turbine blades, rolling mill cylinders and others. Bay State wheels are notable for:
  • High quality production;
  • Constant characteristics for all tools during the work and in every batch
  • All wheels with the diameter above 400mm are well balanced (have special mark for assembling)
  • Safety working (show the best correlation with European safety standards oSa)
  • Optimal correlation of price and quality.

A tradition of innovation. The success of our quality products in the world market is based on intensive research and development. Our goal is to increase the depth of our know-how in manufacture of diamond and CBN tools, to develop new bonds for the different applications, and to create the foundation for high-performance tools and new application solutions.
More rational machining processes and the introduction of new materials require innovative products, which are developed in close collaboration with universities, technical colleges, and with users. The tools are then tested under realistic practical conditions by our application engineering specialists before they are released for production.
Our aim is to find the optimum solution to production problems, both in technical and commercial terms. Customer satisfaction is our standard.

In 1894 London, UK, the London Emery Works Company was founded and manufacture of a range of Atlas coated abrasives and Emery Wheels commenced.

Throughout the early 1900's sales of Atlas grew throughout Europe and by 1927 export sales formed 70% of the turnover.

In 1931 Atlas Waterproof Abrasive Paper was launched and by ‘57 the brand had become a symbol of quality and reliability for coated abrasives - with sales in 76 countries worldwide.
Its reputation has been built on over the years with the addition of related abrasive products; Cutting Off & Grinding Wheels, Diamond Blades and Bonded Abrasives.

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